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Japanese language course in Chennai

Japanese language classes in Chennai Online Training saves your travel cost & time. It also provides one-to-one explanations for the effective learning of students. SevenMentor provides an online Japanese language course in Chennai. In this online training, you will get access to an e-book of the supporting textbook for the period of this course. Along with the e-book, you will also get access to online course material. It includes grammar, passages and vocabulary lists, and audio practice. You will learn about Chokai ( Japanese listening) & Dokkai (Japanese comprehension passage). With this online training, covering Japanese topics and the flow of the study becomes easy when guided over the video screen. Visualization of course proceedings becomes easy to understand with this efficient online Japanese language Training. You will learn about all the writing systems and all the levels of Japanese. We will make sure you become a fluent speaker of Japanese.

Japanese language course in Chennai Japanese Language Training Institute in Chennai. Our Japanese language course fees are affordable. So a student from any financial background can join this course. At our Japanese classes in Chennai, we have designed these classes carefully. We ensure the development of your Japanese language skills. You can improve vocabulary, grammar topics, and conversation. With our dedicated trainers, you will also understand Japanese culture, social and business etiquette. We employ a combination of audiovisual techniques, combination procedures, and regular assessments. It helps you in getting holistic learning. At our Japanese Language classes in Chennai, our trainers will enhance your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills in Japanese. Each level will develop your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. You can expand your vocabulary and knowledge of verbs and sentence structure.

Japanese language training in Chennai Our trainers will make you learn about all the writing systems of the Japanese language, Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana & Romaji and all the levels from N5 to N1. You don’t need to have previous Japanese knowledge. SevenMentor provides 1-on-1 online Japanese lessons for beginners. It will help meet your needs with our tutors. Through our special lessons, you can learn to speak simple Japanese phrases. For effective learning, our trainers will ask many questions almost at a Japanese- native speed, and you will be grammatically answering them. Our trainers will be correcting mistakes instantly, grammatically with pronunciation until you learn it effectively. At our Japanese Language classes in Chennai, we prepare you to write and clear the international certificate examination (JLPT) of the Japanese language at all levels from N5 to N1. Our classes include two assessments that will help assess your progress and put your knowledge to the test. At our Foreign Language Training Institute in Chennai, we use a series of activities, assessments, and support from the trainer. So, you will become a fluent speaker of Japanese.

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  • Oct 9 2021
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