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“When you can think, speak and write, you become invincible”- Jordan Peterson

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the fundamentals of a complete human being. Unfortunately, these essentials are lacking in most humans today.

That is why if you are able to master your thoughts, channelise your ideas, continuously absorb information and also have the knack to listen carefully and patiently, you are already in the top 1% of this population.

At whatever stage you are in your life, maybe a school student or working professional, if you want to uplevel and unlock your untapped potential, LSRW course is what you need.

These core soft skills, once polished, will fetch you more appraisal and opportunities, and more importantly, you will feel powerful by harnessing and honing your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing abilities to the fullest.

Our practice-oriented pedagogy focuses on real life learnings obtained through experience.

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  • Jul 7 2022
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