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Everything you need to know about the freelancing visa in Dubai

The business scene in the UAE has shifted dramatically in the last two years. The economic repercussions of the Covid-19 epidemic were far-reaching. Jobs are being lost and new ones are being created. As major firms attempted to outsource many of their vertical and horizontal business functions, digital transformation produced a new kind of division of labor. Enter the gig economy and the freelancing era, as well as the Dubai freelance visa.

Dubai is exploding with freelancing possibilities as the city attracts independent contractors and recognized businesses in one of the region's most business-friendly climates.

Things to remember

Before beginning any action, freelancers should examine the following general guidelines:

Never undervalue your own efforts. Knowing your own worth guarantees that your clients will value your work and effort. This should also apply to your payment policy. Because cash flow is critical to your firm, always obtain 50% of fees before beginning work, 75% by halfway, and so on.

What are your long-term objectives? Lifestyle or lucrative business? Both are compatible, but making and conserving money is not a freelancer's main priority.

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  • Jun 29 2022
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