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Angular or React which Java script framework is better?

Both Angular and React are equally useful for writing applications. But they are entirely different frameworks to use. Let’s know the facts about each of them in detail which will help you to do right selection based on in-hand project. Learn more about it at Java Course in Pune


  • It is one of the most powerful, efficient, and open-source JavaScript framework.

  • Has a large community support.

  • It is operated by the Google and is basically used for developing Single Page Application (SPA) that can run in any browser or platform.

  • It is consistent, has many ready-made tools, ng components are robust and quite matured.

  • It extends the HTML into the application and interprets the attributes in order to perform data binding.

  • It uses TypeScript programming language, which is an enhanced JS super-set that supplies optional static type checking, object-based programming patterns, and high-performance typing features

  • It uses a two-way data binding which connects the DOM values to model data. It means, if for user interaction with the field a new value is provided to the application it will result in the update of both the view and the model.

  • The two-way data binding approach has a negative impact on performance.

  • Angular has a complicated lifecycle and hence a steeper learning curve, it is not easy to master. If you are a professional developer, this will be easier to understand.

  • Regarding the reuse of code, it consists of a series of ready to use elements. Even if it has priority collisions and namespaces

  • The testing and debugging for a complete project is possible with a single tools like Jasmine, Protractor and Karma.


  • It is an open source JavasScript library and not framework.

  • Has earned popularity within a short period of time.

  • Created by Facebook and is basically used to develop and operate the dynamic User Interface of the web pages with high incoming traffic.

  • User needs to add external component libraries to have the same number of features.

  • It makes the use of a virtual DOM and hence, the integration of the same with any application is easier. Prompt rendering is among the best features of React that gives a significant edge over Angular.

  • It only has the view component of the MVC which can increase the line of codes

  • It supports one-way binding. It provides singular behavior for your application.

  • The one-way data flow helps to control the complexity.

  • It has a lower learning curve taking lesser time for developers to understand

  • A set of tools are required for performing different sets of Testing.

  • When there is lot of dynamic content in the application then using React would be the right choice. Many popular brands like Instagram and Facebook use React to base their mobile apps on because of its dynamic nature.

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Hibernate is an open-source Java persistence framework project. It performs powerful object-relational mapping and query databases using HQL and SQL. Hibernate is a great tool for ORM mappings in Java. It can cut down a lot of complexity and thus defects as well from your application,

which may otherwise find a way to exist. This is specially boon for developers with limited knowledge of SQL. Initially started as an ORM framework, Hibernate has spun off into many projects, such as Hibernate Search, Hibernate Validator, Hibernate OGM (for NoSQL databases), and so on.

In addition to its own “native” API, Hibernate is also an implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA) specification. As such, it can be easily used in any environment supporting JPA including Java SE applications, Java EE application servers, Enterprise OSGi containers, etc.

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