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Healthcare SaaS Trends: Growth, Benefits, and SaaS Trends to Enhance Healthcare Delivery

The healthcare industry is considered one of the biggest industries that are progressing with the help of technological advancements. The traditional practices have been outgrown with newer implementations like healthcare SaaS integration.

Healthcare technology development has had a significant influence on the healthcare industry especially in revolutionizing SaaS healthcare technology. It has changed the overall healthcare aspects in the last couple of years. By including the healthcare providers, the sector has seen a huge contribution from experts in the healthcare app development industries that are responsible for bringing innovation in offering solutions. During the pandemic, healthcare applications became a trend when the world faced a global lockdown. This increased the adoption of digital healthcare solutions.

Today, receiving the best healthcare practices and medical requirements has become easy for patients. This has also helped to facilitate healthcare providers to offer services that are impactful toward building a healthy eco-sphere across the industry. In this blog, we will discuss the healthcare SaaS trends, challenges, and opportunities for 2022.

Before delving into the discussion of Healthcare SaaS, let’s understand the basic concept of SaaS healthcare integration in the healthcare industry.

What is Healthcare SaaS and How is it Significant?

We need to take a moment and introspect on the cloud computing scenario in the industry. Healthcare Software as a Service, more commonly known as Healthcare SaaS faced a lot of challenges. With more safeguarding implemented, the healthcare businesses saw the advantages of healthcare as a service.

Several healthcare facilities and organizations are moving toward healthcare SaaS platforms as it offers affordable strategies for deploying cloud-based electronic health records (EHRs). So now, healthcare organizations are implementing SaaS-based technology throughout the entire healthcare system and workflows. Healthcare applications include EMRs, EHRs, telehealth services, PACS, and more. A few non-clinical information systems also include RCMs, supply chain, billing strategies, etc.

The healthcare SaaS market will be more prevalent in the coming days due to the scalability, cost, and security benefits. According to researchers, the current global healthcare market for cloud computing is estimated at approximately USD 18 billion, reaching a market of USD 61 billion by 2025. The expected CAGR is going to be around 18.7% by 2025. In 2022, we’ve reached a stage where cloud computing is already a domineering entity in the health tech SaaS industry, followed by a series of top healthcare SaaS trends.

Effect of SaaS-based Technology on the Healthcare Industry

The SaaS healthcare system is primarily based on cloud technology enabling patients to have a less painful experience with care delivery. Another SaaS healthcare benefit is to make use of the new adoption of technology to run healthcare workflows smoothly for better management of businesses.

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  • Ritesh Patil
  • Jun 23 2022
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