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25 Vibrant Food Color Palettes for Food Photography

Food lovers know that for a dish to be considered delectable, it not only needs to taste delicious, but it should look appetizing as well. In this day and age, it’s not farfetched to think that some people might even prefer a visually appealing choice to a delicious one, just because it generates more buzz on social media.

We noticed that chefs are adapting to this trend of food plating as well as playing around with different colors to enhance the appearance of their dishes. Food photography has been increasingly popular and in trend too. For some individuals, it has even transformed from just a hobby of taking food photos to professional food photography. Certainly, food preparation has become more complex as a wider variety of garnish are being used to achieve a good mix of colors in each dish.

Shades like greens and yellows are constantly combined with reds, oranges, and even brown to create a symphony of hues like no other. Very rarely are neutral colors used because the primary objective is to attract and amaze the consumer. Even so, bright pastel colors will typically be paired together to enhance the overall outlook of the dish.

I guess no matter how evolved we become, we are still very visual-oriented. Before even sampling something with our taste buds or stomach, we dissect it with our eyes first. In order for the dish to wow us – or at least intrigue us – it should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as look good for the gram.

In this post you will learn, how colors are related to food and how can we utilize color palettes for food photography and inspirations. So let’s get started.

#1 – Fruitsicle

The beautiful food coloring palette has a relaxing and vibrant summer vibe. These pretty pink popsicles showcase a very cool color scheme. A very delicate shade of pink forms a sharp contrast with colors of dark red that bring out the best punch in the color palette.

#2 – Morning Like This

The start to a beautiful day after waking up should be fresh and bright, just like the food color palette here which has all the colors harmonizing perfectly. The color of the table, flowers, and the napkin are in beautiful pastel shades with succulent hues while the earthy tones add a bit of contrast to it. The orange color and dark olive green color also add a unique feel to the image. This color scheme can also be used as an inspiration too if you are considering a kitchen room makeover because of its subtle nature.

#3 – Double Trouble

The Food color palette is a feast for the eye with earthy tones combined with beautiful silver, green shades, chocolate, and aquamarine. The color schemes, as well as props, are all carefully selected to give you that perfect range of colors – whether it be black-and-white or bright and bold!

#4 – Blueberries Stacking

The pancakes with blueberries look really delicious. This can be attributed to the wonderful food color palette used in the image. The color of the tabletop provides a sharp contrast to the color of the serving plate whose color matches that of the kitchen towel. The blueberries have a slightly darker tone than that of the plate and towel and that is why the image looks like a beautiful layer with contrasting tones in between for enhancing the image. Use the mentioned food color palette to bring a bright color in combination with earthy colors.

  • Charles Henry
  • May 10 2022
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