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About Code Quality?

Code quality can have a major impact on software quality, on the productivity of software teams, and their ability to collaborate. But how can you measure code quality, to determine if your code is worth its salt?

This post covers quality metrics of two types: qualitative metrics, including maintainability, code readability and level of documentation; and useful automated, quantitative measurements of code quality, such as cyclomatic complexity.

You can use any of these metrics to evaluate your current quality level, and understand if it’s getting any better.

What is Code Quality and How Can You Improve it?

This is an attempt to approximate the value of code as either good or bad. Since almost every developer has his/her own definition of what constitutes good code, no single definition of quality exists.

Rather, a number of factors contribute to code quality in the same way that several factors affect writing evaluation. Continuing the analogy, writers often define good writing in their own unique way, but most writers agree on several factors that make good writing—coding is similar to writing and other art forms in this regard.
Here are the Best Practices to Ensure Better Code Quality of Your Software.

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  • Adam Adam SMith
  • Mar 24 2022
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