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Introduce validation gates to prevent lines progressing to the next milestone if information is invalid

To ensure we do not pass incorrect information into downstream systems, we need validation gates to prevent obsolete information getting through the induction process.


example 1

there are currently 289 products sitting with Suppliers and Buyers which have a launch date which has already passed.


These lines should automatically be flagged to the buyer for a launch week amendment before the lines moves into the Data Operator processing queue, otherwise this generates work within Data Operator to reject the line back to the buyer to update the launch week.


example 2

there are currently 92 products sitting with Supplier and Buyers which have a brand name of 'OTHER'.


These lines will be rejected back to the Supplier by Data Ops due to the brand name being invalid in downstream systems.

These lines should remain in the Supplier queue until a valid Brand name has been selected regardless of other attributes being completed


  • Matt Bossons
  • Aug 28 2019
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